Wednesday, March 11, 2009

dreamt that i was held up at gun point by two women in korea. one of them had a crush on me and i found out her name. so i was trying to find this girl who held me up at gun point so i could ask her on a date. i found her and she commented on my blog, asking me if i though chicken sandwiches should be free or not...because she said that growing up would be a lot easier for her and her family if chicken sandwiches had been free...and that my answer would affect what she thought of me. so i wrote back in korean that chicken sandwiches should be free. then i finally met her at my grandma's house in south carolina. it turns out she had a boyfriend but was did not like him very much. he was an army guy and was really condescending and boastful. i asked him what he did for a living and he said 'what does it look like?' and i responded "i don't know...frat boy, douche bag?" then the girl sang me a song she had written and it was amazing...this is another one of those times when i find a really good song in a dream and wish i could remember it...ultimately, the boyfriend knew what my intentions were and made lots of threats and then he stole my sewing kit and ran away. i looked at the girl and said, "you don't like him do you?" and she said she didn't. i said "well do you like me?" and she said she didn't...but it was odd, because originally she looked very specific and while we were having this conversation, she looked completely different. the end.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

had a dream where me and zach and stephanie were running from someone and we ended up in an apartment we thought belonged to someone...but it was the wrong person. instead, it was a japanese man who didn't know us, but he cooked us filet minon and had us eat it with chopsticks. it was quite nice. i also dreamt that i got to south korea and looked in my suitcases and found that everything was ruined because the suitcases were filled with spaghetti sauce.