Saturday, March 6, 2010

in this dream, people were disappearing and i didn't know what was happening. i was at a school with jieun and another girl. we had sex and at the end of it, the two girls merged. they became this short hairy one eyed creature, sort of like an ewok. so obviously i was upset that i was the last person and was entrusted with the care of this hairy thing. i walked across a world map. i could see that most of the world was frozen. the southern part of north america was fine and some of africa...but i walked on top of a world map and when i wanted to go to a place, i kicked a hole in the map and was transported there. i went to a place in africa and went to a warehouse where i saw other people, but there was something wrong with them. there eyes didn't work well and so they didn't notice that the jieun creature was so strange. everyone's eyes were weird/blind and no one could talk. everyone was a bit deformed in some way.