Tuesday, January 27, 2009

in this dream, i was in florida at the beach with a stranger. all i knew was that i did not like this girl. she had fake blond hair and complained about the music i was listening to. i asked her what she liked and she told me "garth brooks." she also claimed to like nothing BUT garth brook. i had neglected to fill my brand new tires with air before we left and i felt it go flat. so i pulled into a gas station to fill it with air. the tire had torn almost in half, but i wasn't too upset because i knew that they were under warranty! then aron hall was in the gas station and he gave me the number for one of his cop friends to help me out. i picked up a hot dog and called him.........on the hot dog.

Monday, January 26, 2009

kanye and merle

alright, so here is what happened last night. i had tickets to a merle haggard concert, but i didn't have anyone to go with. it was at the fox theatre. i remember that i paid 54$ for them. so i called around a bunch and couldn't find any to go with me, so i left and went to travis and martina's. i needed to use the bathroom and they showed me where it was. the crazy thing was that it looked like a public restroom. then there was something about kanye west playing a trick on his girlfriend. he was hiding in a hallway, in a large teacup sprinkled with sugar, and he thought that this was very hilarious. i was also in my old neighborhood from south carolina, riding my bike at 60mph. i sped by josh austin and stole his hat, but ultimately, i gave it back. and lastly, there was another one that i don't feel like sharing.

Friday, January 23, 2009

dinner with andrea

in this dream, i was driving to atlanta when i got a call from one of my old bosses from the gardening job i had a few years ago. andrea, head of the maintenance team, was calling me because she didn't have anyone to go to a fancy party with. i told her i would come with her if she wanted me to...but first, i decided i would get a cup of coffee at octane first so i started driving to the city, but for some reason it was taking a really long time. my car started to overheat and she called me again right as i hit traffic because she was there and i was late. in the dream, i saw where she was and it felt strangely like south carolina. i decided i would forego the coffee and just stop at a sandwich shop for dinner real quick. i stood in front of the counter forever and wondered why i wasn't getting any service and it was because i had cut in line and that the line wrapped all the way around the store. so i decided i wouldn't get a sandwich either...end of dream, fun, huh?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"i could love you...i could love you..."

1) i had a really graphic sex dream, but it's special because this is only like the 2nd or 3rd one i've ever had in which i was a) attracted to the person b)the dream made sense and c)the imaginary sex was enjoyable. part of the dream was also that my relatives were meeting the girl i had dream sex with and they were teasing me in front of her etc. my dad asked me to pray over the food in front of like 15 of our relatives and the dream girl...even though he knows that i am specifically opposed to the ritual of flowery blessings over food (for which we are not really thankful and which is bad for us to eat). somehow though, i got through it and when we were alone we started talking and kissed a few times...and after we did, it was like we both had a revelation...and at some point between the kissing and the sex, it was understood that we were married at this point. as we kissed, she said "i could love you...i could love you." now, i have not mentioned the name of the young lady because i've said too much as it is and it would probably make her feel uncomfortable to know that i had sexed her in a dream and that i want to sex her in real life. =)

2) i had just watched "the departed" for the first time last night. in this dream, i was leonardo d.'s character (not that i looked like his greasy weasel ass), and i was the cop in the crooks. we were in a walmart and i realized they had figured me out and i had to get out. but they were already after me. one aisle of walmart was a bunch of vintage guitar amps and i thought "i'd really like to look at those, but i'm going to die in a minute." i actually made it out of the walmart, but there was one guy there, he was way stronger than me and was like a zombie or a machine. i kept fighting him and he didn't respond at all until i kicked him in the balls and he cried. i guess i got away.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

so i was falling through a series of rooms at a rapid speed. most of the rooms were red, yellow, and brown and looked like they were from the 70's. it felt like i was sitting on one side of a giant book while pages were closing over me and i was being pulled deeper into the spine. i noticed some gray, and a warehouse were slowly coming into view. i felt like if i held onto the table that i could stop falling. every room i fell through the table was slightly different. during this time, i didn't know who i was or where i was. i remember trying to remember my name and not being able to. i didn't know who i was with. i didn't know that i existed. it started in blackness and then all of these other things happened. i literally lost the concept of ego/self for about 2 minutes, but it felt like much longer. i watched joel knock the cherry onto the table and it seemed like it was about to catch fire while he was laughing maniacally and i thought "this is how people die, this is how i'm going to die" and so i lit a cigarette and thought to myself "i am smoking a cigarette...what a strange feeling." it felt like i was enveloped by an egg crate or perhaps decaying leafy matter. when i was experiencing it, i thought "it feels like i'm being chewed by strawberries." it was the most terrifying experience i've had in a long time. don't smoke salvia.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

the little hours

so this is the first substantial weird dream i've had in a while.

i was visiting someone's mother to check up on her. next door, i heard this horrible sound. it sounded like children yelling, but it was broken up audio, so it was like a spliced sample. when i asked what it was, the mother told me that it was her next door neighbor...that ultimately, she was a child murderer and that no one could catch her in the act. apparently, everyone was very afraid of her.

next scene: i am wandering in the witch lady's backyard. it looks like a junkyard w/just a bunch of random pieces of salvage laying about. the sound is still there and i noticed that it is coming from a turntable. it is music, crazy experimental music. i took the record off and the woman saw me and asked me to come inside. i went in terrified because i had been told this woman was a murderer...but i went in anyway.

she puts on another record and it was one i knew in the dream. she apparently used to be an artist. she made some comment about how i had probably never heard of this band and i told her no, i like the little hours very much and so do many other people i know. she was making us tea. i was still terrified. in order to get out of the house, i said i would go get my ipod because there was a lot of stuff that i listened to that was influenced by the little hours. i raced outside.

at my car was my friend's mother and she asked me if the lady was in there. i say yes and that if i go back i think she's going to kill me. i couldn't figure out where my keys were. the mother said "it's time, let's get her" and i saw her and her son run into the house and from what i heard there was a scuffle. it became clear to me that they had killed this woman and when i was about to leave the mother ran out and she was carrying a bag of stuff she had taken from the woman's house. i asked her if she was going to call the police and she said "not right now! don't you see all the money we got?" and the look on her face told me that this woman was not a child murdering witch, that they just wanted the things that she had and that i had somehow aided in this innocent woman's murder and i felt horrible.

i woke up feeling really upset.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

dreamed i did cocaine, but it made me really relaxed and easy going and aware. that's all i really remember.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

very vague dreams...had a dream that me and alea went to some sort of railroad ghost town that was a tourist resort. our train engineer was zach smola. the thing is, the longer we stayed in costume/character in this old western town, it started to become real. i remember realizing that we were not joking anymore and that everyone was convinced that we were in the old west and i knew that i had to wake everyone up, but i couldn't.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

finally had a dream last night.

in the dream, i kissed two girls i know at a slumber party. it was kind of strange.

another dream in the same night was me pledging for a fraternity and the leader being really mad at me because i was late because i had to work. i had to argue with him, but i really wanted to be in this fraternity. go figure.