Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"i could love you...i could love you..."

1) i had a really graphic sex dream, but it's special because this is only like the 2nd or 3rd one i've ever had in which i was a) attracted to the person b)the dream made sense and c)the imaginary sex was enjoyable. part of the dream was also that my relatives were meeting the girl i had dream sex with and they were teasing me in front of her etc. my dad asked me to pray over the food in front of like 15 of our relatives and the dream girl...even though he knows that i am specifically opposed to the ritual of flowery blessings over food (for which we are not really thankful and which is bad for us to eat). somehow though, i got through it and when we were alone we started talking and kissed a few times...and after we did, it was like we both had a revelation...and at some point between the kissing and the sex, it was understood that we were married at this point. as we kissed, she said "i could love you...i could love you." now, i have not mentioned the name of the young lady because i've said too much as it is and it would probably make her feel uncomfortable to know that i had sexed her in a dream and that i want to sex her in real life. =)

2) i had just watched "the departed" for the first time last night. in this dream, i was leonardo d.'s character (not that i looked like his greasy weasel ass), and i was the cop in the crooks. we were in a walmart and i realized they had figured me out and i had to get out. but they were already after me. one aisle of walmart was a bunch of vintage guitar amps and i thought "i'd really like to look at those, but i'm going to die in a minute." i actually made it out of the walmart, but there was one guy there, he was way stronger than me and was like a zombie or a machine. i kept fighting him and he didn't respond at all until i kicked him in the balls and he cried. i guess i got away.

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