Friday, January 23, 2009

dinner with andrea

in this dream, i was driving to atlanta when i got a call from one of my old bosses from the gardening job i had a few years ago. andrea, head of the maintenance team, was calling me because she didn't have anyone to go to a fancy party with. i told her i would come with her if she wanted me to...but first, i decided i would get a cup of coffee at octane first so i started driving to the city, but for some reason it was taking a really long time. my car started to overheat and she called me again right as i hit traffic because she was there and i was late. in the dream, i saw where she was and it felt strangely like south carolina. i decided i would forego the coffee and just stop at a sandwich shop for dinner real quick. i stood in front of the counter forever and wondered why i wasn't getting any service and it was because i had cut in line and that the line wrapped all the way around the store. so i decided i wouldn't get a sandwich either...end of dream, fun, huh?

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