Sunday, January 18, 2009

so i was falling through a series of rooms at a rapid speed. most of the rooms were red, yellow, and brown and looked like they were from the 70's. it felt like i was sitting on one side of a giant book while pages were closing over me and i was being pulled deeper into the spine. i noticed some gray, and a warehouse were slowly coming into view. i felt like if i held onto the table that i could stop falling. every room i fell through the table was slightly different. during this time, i didn't know who i was or where i was. i remember trying to remember my name and not being able to. i didn't know who i was with. i didn't know that i existed. it started in blackness and then all of these other things happened. i literally lost the concept of ego/self for about 2 minutes, but it felt like much longer. i watched joel knock the cherry onto the table and it seemed like it was about to catch fire while he was laughing maniacally and i thought "this is how people die, this is how i'm going to die" and so i lit a cigarette and thought to myself "i am smoking a cigarette...what a strange feeling." it felt like i was enveloped by an egg crate or perhaps decaying leafy matter. when i was experiencing it, i thought "it feels like i'm being chewed by strawberries." it was the most terrifying experience i've had in a long time. don't smoke salvia.

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