Monday, December 29, 2008

had a dream that we held hands.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

no dreams in a long time.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

who watches the watchmen???

in this dream, me and stephanie are having an affair/starting an affair. now before you read too much into that, i would never have an affair with stephanie, it would be unseemly. we are at the dollar theater seeing the watchmen and the place is packed with what seems to be a large number of school children, talking through the beginning of the movie. even though we are being flirty, we are sitting with a seat in between us. then we see simon, he walks up with ben and they sit behind us. we say hi, but nothing else.

at one point, everyone stands up in the theater for an intermission. stephanie says she is going to smoke a cigarette. stephanie does not smoke the cigarettes either. i said "but the moooovie" and she said something along the lines of "oh come on, it's not like we're going to f***." so i follow bizarro stephanie out into the lobby where i show some kids how i can magically move across the floor without moving my feet. i am gliding over the carpet like it's an ice skating rink. they are all very impressed and only one of the boys can sort of do it too.

instead of a door that exits to the front, there is a window and a ledge. we crawled through the window and sat on the ledge. i lit a cigarette and we were smoking. we saw simon walking in the parking lot with some girl. he left though, in his orange sports utility vehicle. and no, me and stephanie did not have sex. the end.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

sleeping in static

another half nightmare. this involved me living in a large house and having to go in the attic to find more stuff to give back. i found things that i hadn't seen for years while she was waiting downstairs. i found makeup, coffee makers with coffee still in them, the flask that says "bad motherfucker", and a random assortment of other things. when i returned, i was chided because i took a long time in the attic and it was perceived as some calculated move of manipulation. something about how it was too cold outside and so i knew she would have to wait...i didn't quite understand the logic in the dream...but i remember wishing she wouldn't scream at me because of my roommates and i remember being sad...i remember then i said something to her that was illogical...something about "not wanting an answer, wanting a reason" for why she did something. pretty sure i got an accurate response to the question, though i don't remember what it was. after the dream, i woke up and it was 3:30am, an hour and a half before i needed to wake up.=(

Thursday, November 20, 2008


in this dream, i find an iphone at starbucks. i wanted to keep it and then i saw the woman frantically looking for i gave it back. i told jon "man, i wish i had an iphone" and he just walks into the bathroom and says "oh, i found one" like people were just leaving these things all over the place. so i say "ok, we'll call the house number in the phone." so we do and the guy answers and he's like "oh yeah, i guess i lost that thing. i didn't even know because i never even use it." and so my thought was "this guy doesn't deserve this iphone! he's just stupid rich!" and so i said "yeah, we have it, you can pick it. we're the starbucks in south fayette" (we are actually the one in peachtree city...i told him this so he would never get his phone back). jon was genuinely distressed. he had an incredibly hurt look on his face. he asked me what jesus would do...and i guess it worked because we put the phone in the safe...but in spite of what jesus would do, i still wanted that thing.


the second dream i had last night: there was an alternating cast in the dream, but it was always me and three other people. at one point, it was me, ben and clark from work, and bethany bedsole. at another point, it was me, jacob cloer, bethany bedsole, and ben cope. we were in columbus looking for the dollar theater and had stopped for snacks at the gas station. it took forever because the kind indian man behind the counter explained that us buying 10$ of gas really messed up their books. he showed me. it took a long time, but i understood. on my way out the door, a lady at a desk asked me if i knew how many countries were between us and india. i said i didn't. she said she'd let me guess. we talked about salman rushdie for a while and she told me there are 53 countries between us and india (i don't think this is correct). i went back to the car and we couldn't find the road for the movie theater. i was like "it's _____ street" and we kept looking for it. me, ben, and clark ran down the street looking for it. nowhere. me and bethany and ben had all lived in columbus for a while and the idea of not finding the theater really bothered us all. there's my watered down lynch dream.

Monday, November 17, 2008

going nineteen...

had a strange nostalgic dream...i think that's the best way to describe how i've felt for a while i just want to be in high school again or's not that things are too ____ it's just that things used to be easier...and right now, i want easy...

either way, so in this dream me and lee are in high school and watching t.v. on her couch. her mother is nice in the dream, and that was never characteristic of her behavior towards me. in the dream, she was not married and did not have a kid...her brother in law turns out to be a homosexual with a clown fetish...and me and lacey are friends with each other again, but we get into a fight in front of lee because she accuses me of having slept with her since we broke up, which totally is not going down in this dream! and in the dream, lee acts as she would in real life...she's just sulky.

i severed my relationship with someone i cared about in order to save a relationship with someone who doesn't speak to me anymore. obviously, lee doesn't want to speak to me anymore either, which is understandable...however, this is a subject for another blog, not a dream blog...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

dreamed i was playing with joel in trappers cabin and we were opening for loretta lynn. i was just talking to her about how much i liked the song "she's got him." i think that's what it's called. we play it at work and i love it. i wanted to take a shower...but the place we were playing wouldn't let me because they could only use so much water a day. victor was there too. there was something about how part of the venue was naturalized and so there were terrifying insects everywhere that they didn't was a giant flying ant...i don't know, it's really fuzzy...i don't have many dreams anymore. does this mean i'm going to go crazy soon?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


i think the place is england and the time is 19th century. there is a man and his two sons who are exiled into a split reality. they can see into true reality through mirrors, but only after eating a special meal of grilled onions, cranberry sauce, and rice with green onions on top. they have a maid with them of some kind and she prepares this meal 3 times a day. the boys have noticed that you can interact with people from the other side and this encourages them. in one mirror, the father sees one of his friends. his friend is missing one of his legs from the knee down and hobbles with a cane. he seems to notice them through the mirror sometimes but appears bothered by it and usually he just ignores them. they go to a restaurant and order their specific meal. they walk to a mirror in the restaurant and they find they can't see through to the other side. the father presses his face close up against the mirror and finds he can see a little bit. his friend sees him in the mirror and gets up angrily, throwing something over the mirror. and then of course everyone despairs because they feel like they'll never get away from this dystopic otherverse they have found themselves in.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

in love with a ghost

another nightmare.

this one involved courtnay papy shooting a horror movie. that was fine...

i've discovered though that it's pretty easy to talk about crazy weird dreams, but i'm not going to talk about the personal/sad dreams i have...i have a lot of them. they are not interesting to anyone but me and even i wish i didn't have them...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

consider the lobster

very short it, david foster wallace is being interviewed and showing clips from a movie he is in. the story is a typical sort of "girl/guy is nerdy but falls for their stereotypically reversed counterpart." and so in this movie, dfw is playing a jock with whom the geeky girl falls in love with. i have an image of a shirtless dfw carrying a girl through the woods and then of him making out with a woman on a couch in front of everyone. i also remember that this was at the beach because there was an advertisement to rent a scooter for the beach.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Behold! the old is new again...and i cry a single tear.

i woke up just now after having this dream and decided to write it down before forgetting...some details i left out.

i was driving through my childhood neighborhood as i typically do when i visit south carolina. a cop car with its sirens on came screaming around a corner after me and pulled up next to me, but it was a teenage girl at the wheel and she looked at me and smiled like she had been mistaken and drove away.

at the end of the street was a house we went behind because there were woods (me and my childhood friends), but it was overgrown with weeds and vines and it was abandoned. i went in. a giant oak bed with white sheets was there. behind it a bookshelf with 3 books. the three books were the last 3 dark tower books, the three i haven't read yet. so i took them. there were cats everywhere (about 15) and it occurred to me that will was supposed to be feeding them, but i wasn't sure he remembered. so i found the food and poured it into a large container...much like a ups plastic thing like in a mail room, but one that came up to my chest. there was an inventory of the cat food on the fridge and when i touched certain items the container would be filled with that item and if i touched it again, it would be gone, it was like i was working with layers in corel painter.

i noticed that there was a single candle burning in the room. the candle was silver and so was the flame.

i invited people over. i was sitting on the white bed with my imac precariously situated on the mattress. we were going to watch a movie...but i was typing an email and i kept asking for people to leave me alone for a second, quit shaking the bed, etc. everyone decided to get on the bed at once to annoy me, and it did...ben, simon, wesley, will, and joe were on the bed. courtney and kelso were laying on the floor talking. i set my computer on the floor near them. i got an instant message on ichat from someone and we started a video chat. for some reason, in this chat, you could see yourself in the picture with the other person and so many funny things could result. then the person sent me a song i had written and that they had sung over...i guess that was the plan all along, but i didn't think it would happen. i played the song and it started a slide show on my was beautiful and i wish i remembered the words and the melody. even now when i am awake i have a vague notion of how it sounded...the pictures were of us.

and then i forgot that she was on ichat because i noticed the floor was tilted at about 40 degrees now. all i remember was being happy about the song and about whatever. i laid down next to courtney and kelso and they said it was really pretty and i said thank you. i looked toward my computer and as i did, i noticed that courtney had her skirt up rather high or her pants were a little low or something...but i saw her pubic hair and adjusted her dress for her. she wasn't embarrassed at all and i was grateful for it. i continued the ichat for a moment until i heard missy. she was telling will not to play with the cat. i looked over and will laying on a couch. he had a small mountain lion laying on top of him and he was petting it and shaking it and the mountain lion looked none too pleased with the rough play.

and then i woke up.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


dreamed that someone posted comments on my facebook. the person's profile name was "NUTS" and when i looked at the photo they tagged of me, it was a picture of testicles.

Friday, October 17, 2008

index of breath, pt. 1

today, i went to bed around 4:30pm...i woke up at 1:40am and remembered my dream:

I dreamed I went to see Lindsey Knott's place (she is a friend). She was having a party and when I arrived there were about thirty people scattered about already. Lindsey was living in what appeared to be a large warehouse; it seemed to have once been a factory of some sort. I had been there before and apparently, there had been some renovations since I had last visited. I looked up and said "Ah, they put in skylights." She said "Yes, they each weigh ten pounds. They sent them in the mail and I put them in myself." There were two large skylights made of opaque white glass and must have measured 6'x9'...that being the case, it seemed very unlikely to me that Lindsey could have installed these skylights by herself (even if she was not pregnant in the dream). "How did you get them in?" and she said "Oh, I just got a ladder and did it one day." It is to be noted that the ladder would have had to be more than 30 feet tall. We continued to talk about the renovations that had been made. I looked in the corner and realized it was much cleaner than I recalled. I commented on how much nicer it looked since they removed the complex system of air vents that had formerly been in one corner and the industrial assembly line which had taken up another, she agreed.

Soon after this conversation, I found myself walking down a dirt path at what appeared to be 6pm, right before twilight. Around me was a sparse forest of pine trees. The path split two ways; one was leading to my left to where people were socializing and the other way led down to a serene rocky overlook and below it one could see the valley below. I was holding a bag of tobacco in my hand. I noticed that it appeared to be weed, but I knew it was only tobacco. There was not a lot left and I was looking for a place to sit down and roll myself a cigarette. I started down the path to go where people were. There was a basketball court with about 15 people talking, going this way and that, etc. It appeared as though school had just let out and people were waiting on rides. I also noticed that around the basketball court there were several large boulders. I was making my way to one of these to roll my cigarette when someone said hello to me. I looked and noticed that it was a customer from Starbucks that I was not very fond of. In real life, this customer is sort of pastor. He comes in and buys a hot tea, which is less than $2...that's fine, but the problem is that he makes us put 3 honeys in it for him. I have insisted on several occasions that this is just not how things are done and that everyone else puts their own honey in and why can't he? Ultimately though, he always looks like he's about to start crying and I will just do it. He insists also that the honeys be put in before the water so that they will melt (as if the honey would not melt if you put it in after you had put in the 200 degree water). He also wants us to stir it for him and this is usually where I don't budge. I find pastors are among our worst customers. In any case, he walks up to me in the dream and says "Hey, I noticed you're running low on bud. Here you go." and he hands me two large nuggets of weed. "Oh no," I say "I really don't..." "No, it's fine" he interjects and continues on his way past me down the path.

I continue walking and find he had dropped a few more nuggets of marijuana on the ground and put those in my bag as well. In the dream, I do not object to having what seems like $200 of weed. I am almost at the court and the boulders at this point and I see a girl walk by. I realized almost a second too late that this is my spanish teacher, seƱorita Morgan, but it is her as she would have been about 10 years ago. She appeared to be about 20 years old. I was about to say hello to her, and then I realized that she did not know me. Perhaps she did not know me yet because she was so young.

I decided that I would go home. I turned away from the court and made for the lines of people I saw. I guess these were lines of people that were waiting on buses to go home. When I was among the people in line, I realized also that I was inside again. Across the room, I noticed an older man that I know as Dick C., another customer from work. In real life, he is a retired artist who comes to my store almost everyday with his friends and orders coffee in a porcelain mug. It hit me, as I saw him in this setting, that he was not retired anymore, that he was now a bus driver. I wanted to avoid him (as I want to avoid any customer when not at work) because I felt embarrassed for him. I don't think there is anything wrong with driving a bus, but I knew that I was not supposed to know, or perhaps I was embarrassed for him because he was embarrassed that in the winter of his life in which he had done what he had loved, he had settled to drive a bus for extra money. Perhaps it was because of the economy. He did end up seeing me though and I of course exchanged pleasantries with him...he in his confident booming voice, me shyly trying to appease the elderly the way all young people do.

and then the dream ended.