Sunday, November 23, 2008

sleeping in static

another half nightmare. this involved me living in a large house and having to go in the attic to find more stuff to give back. i found things that i hadn't seen for years while she was waiting downstairs. i found makeup, coffee makers with coffee still in them, the flask that says "bad motherfucker", and a random assortment of other things. when i returned, i was chided because i took a long time in the attic and it was perceived as some calculated move of manipulation. something about how it was too cold outside and so i knew she would have to wait...i didn't quite understand the logic in the dream...but i remember wishing she wouldn't scream at me because of my roommates and i remember being sad...i remember then i said something to her that was illogical...something about "not wanting an answer, wanting a reason" for why she did something. pretty sure i got an accurate response to the question, though i don't remember what it was. after the dream, i woke up and it was 3:30am, an hour and a half before i needed to wake up.=(

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