Thursday, November 20, 2008


in this dream, i find an iphone at starbucks. i wanted to keep it and then i saw the woman frantically looking for i gave it back. i told jon "man, i wish i had an iphone" and he just walks into the bathroom and says "oh, i found one" like people were just leaving these things all over the place. so i say "ok, we'll call the house number in the phone." so we do and the guy answers and he's like "oh yeah, i guess i lost that thing. i didn't even know because i never even use it." and so my thought was "this guy doesn't deserve this iphone! he's just stupid rich!" and so i said "yeah, we have it, you can pick it. we're the starbucks in south fayette" (we are actually the one in peachtree city...i told him this so he would never get his phone back). jon was genuinely distressed. he had an incredibly hurt look on his face. he asked me what jesus would do...and i guess it worked because we put the phone in the safe...but in spite of what jesus would do, i still wanted that thing.


the second dream i had last night: there was an alternating cast in the dream, but it was always me and three other people. at one point, it was me, ben and clark from work, and bethany bedsole. at another point, it was me, jacob cloer, bethany bedsole, and ben cope. we were in columbus looking for the dollar theater and had stopped for snacks at the gas station. it took forever because the kind indian man behind the counter explained that us buying 10$ of gas really messed up their books. he showed me. it took a long time, but i understood. on my way out the door, a lady at a desk asked me if i knew how many countries were between us and india. i said i didn't. she said she'd let me guess. we talked about salman rushdie for a while and she told me there are 53 countries between us and india (i don't think this is correct). i went back to the car and we couldn't find the road for the movie theater. i was like "it's _____ street" and we kept looking for it. me, ben, and clark ran down the street looking for it. nowhere. me and bethany and ben had all lived in columbus for a while and the idea of not finding the theater really bothered us all. there's my watered down lynch dream.

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