Tuesday, November 11, 2008


i think the place is england and the time is 19th century. there is a man and his two sons who are exiled into a split reality. they can see into true reality through mirrors, but only after eating a special meal of grilled onions, cranberry sauce, and rice with green onions on top. they have a maid with them of some kind and she prepares this meal 3 times a day. the boys have noticed that you can interact with people from the other side and this encourages them. in one mirror, the father sees one of his friends. his friend is missing one of his legs from the knee down and hobbles with a cane. he seems to notice them through the mirror sometimes but appears bothered by it and usually he just ignores them. they go to a restaurant and order their specific meal. they walk to a mirror in the restaurant and they find they can't see through to the other side. the father presses his face close up against the mirror and finds he can see a little bit. his friend sees him in the mirror and gets up angrily, throwing something over the mirror. and then of course everyone despairs because they feel like they'll never get away from this dystopic otherverse they have found themselves in.

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