Thursday, November 27, 2008

who watches the watchmen???

in this dream, me and stephanie are having an affair/starting an affair. now before you read too much into that, i would never have an affair with stephanie, it would be unseemly. we are at the dollar theater seeing the watchmen and the place is packed with what seems to be a large number of school children, talking through the beginning of the movie. even though we are being flirty, we are sitting with a seat in between us. then we see simon, he walks up with ben and they sit behind us. we say hi, but nothing else.

at one point, everyone stands up in the theater for an intermission. stephanie says she is going to smoke a cigarette. stephanie does not smoke the cigarettes either. i said "but the moooovie" and she said something along the lines of "oh come on, it's not like we're going to f***." so i follow bizarro stephanie out into the lobby where i show some kids how i can magically move across the floor without moving my feet. i am gliding over the carpet like it's an ice skating rink. they are all very impressed and only one of the boys can sort of do it too.

instead of a door that exits to the front, there is a window and a ledge. we crawled through the window and sat on the ledge. i lit a cigarette and we were smoking. we saw simon walking in the parking lot with some girl. he left though, in his orange sports utility vehicle. and no, me and stephanie did not have sex. the end.

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