Thursday, October 23, 2008

Behold! the old is new again...and i cry a single tear.

i woke up just now after having this dream and decided to write it down before forgetting...some details i left out.

i was driving through my childhood neighborhood as i typically do when i visit south carolina. a cop car with its sirens on came screaming around a corner after me and pulled up next to me, but it was a teenage girl at the wheel and she looked at me and smiled like she had been mistaken and drove away.

at the end of the street was a house we went behind because there were woods (me and my childhood friends), but it was overgrown with weeds and vines and it was abandoned. i went in. a giant oak bed with white sheets was there. behind it a bookshelf with 3 books. the three books were the last 3 dark tower books, the three i haven't read yet. so i took them. there were cats everywhere (about 15) and it occurred to me that will was supposed to be feeding them, but i wasn't sure he remembered. so i found the food and poured it into a large container...much like a ups plastic thing like in a mail room, but one that came up to my chest. there was an inventory of the cat food on the fridge and when i touched certain items the container would be filled with that item and if i touched it again, it would be gone, it was like i was working with layers in corel painter.

i noticed that there was a single candle burning in the room. the candle was silver and so was the flame.

i invited people over. i was sitting on the white bed with my imac precariously situated on the mattress. we were going to watch a movie...but i was typing an email and i kept asking for people to leave me alone for a second, quit shaking the bed, etc. everyone decided to get on the bed at once to annoy me, and it did...ben, simon, wesley, will, and joe were on the bed. courtney and kelso were laying on the floor talking. i set my computer on the floor near them. i got an instant message on ichat from someone and we started a video chat. for some reason, in this chat, you could see yourself in the picture with the other person and so many funny things could result. then the person sent me a song i had written and that they had sung over...i guess that was the plan all along, but i didn't think it would happen. i played the song and it started a slide show on my was beautiful and i wish i remembered the words and the melody. even now when i am awake i have a vague notion of how it sounded...the pictures were of us.

and then i forgot that she was on ichat because i noticed the floor was tilted at about 40 degrees now. all i remember was being happy about the song and about whatever. i laid down next to courtney and kelso and they said it was really pretty and i said thank you. i looked toward my computer and as i did, i noticed that courtney had her skirt up rather high or her pants were a little low or something...but i saw her pubic hair and adjusted her dress for her. she wasn't embarrassed at all and i was grateful for it. i continued the ichat for a moment until i heard missy. she was telling will not to play with the cat. i looked over and will laying on a couch. he had a small mountain lion laying on top of him and he was petting it and shaking it and the mountain lion looked none too pleased with the rough play.

and then i woke up.

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