Saturday, January 10, 2009

the little hours

so this is the first substantial weird dream i've had in a while.

i was visiting someone's mother to check up on her. next door, i heard this horrible sound. it sounded like children yelling, but it was broken up audio, so it was like a spliced sample. when i asked what it was, the mother told me that it was her next door neighbor...that ultimately, she was a child murderer and that no one could catch her in the act. apparently, everyone was very afraid of her.

next scene: i am wandering in the witch lady's backyard. it looks like a junkyard w/just a bunch of random pieces of salvage laying about. the sound is still there and i noticed that it is coming from a turntable. it is music, crazy experimental music. i took the record off and the woman saw me and asked me to come inside. i went in terrified because i had been told this woman was a murderer...but i went in anyway.

she puts on another record and it was one i knew in the dream. she apparently used to be an artist. she made some comment about how i had probably never heard of this band and i told her no, i like the little hours very much and so do many other people i know. she was making us tea. i was still terrified. in order to get out of the house, i said i would go get my ipod because there was a lot of stuff that i listened to that was influenced by the little hours. i raced outside.

at my car was my friend's mother and she asked me if the lady was in there. i say yes and that if i go back i think she's going to kill me. i couldn't figure out where my keys were. the mother said "it's time, let's get her" and i saw her and her son run into the house and from what i heard there was a scuffle. it became clear to me that they had killed this woman and when i was about to leave the mother ran out and she was carrying a bag of stuff she had taken from the woman's house. i asked her if she was going to call the police and she said "not right now! don't you see all the money we got?" and the look on her face told me that this woman was not a child murdering witch, that they just wanted the things that she had and that i had somehow aided in this innocent woman's murder and i felt horrible.

i woke up feeling really upset.

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