Monday, January 26, 2009

kanye and merle

alright, so here is what happened last night. i had tickets to a merle haggard concert, but i didn't have anyone to go with. it was at the fox theatre. i remember that i paid 54$ for them. so i called around a bunch and couldn't find any to go with me, so i left and went to travis and martina's. i needed to use the bathroom and they showed me where it was. the crazy thing was that it looked like a public restroom. then there was something about kanye west playing a trick on his girlfriend. he was hiding in a hallway, in a large teacup sprinkled with sugar, and he thought that this was very hilarious. i was also in my old neighborhood from south carolina, riding my bike at 60mph. i sped by josh austin and stole his hat, but ultimately, i gave it back. and lastly, there was another one that i don't feel like sharing.

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