Friday, February 13, 2009

so i woke up this morning sick. after i blew my nose and lamented my ruined day, i went back to sleep. i had a dream that i took two nyquil and my dad said that was proof that i had a drug problem. we were at the bank in piedmont, sc where i grew up. he was dropping me off at school...except he didn't because i was driving the car. either way. in class i was blowing my nose and someone said my snot looked like vomit. i went into the hallway and lit a cigarette and started walking back to the parking lot. i found my dad's wallet in my pocket. i got home and i guess my parents knew i had been depressed because they were saying that they were going to get a therapist to come over and talk to me in front of the whole family. they didn't understand that that's not what i wanted to happen at all. they kept pushing it. finally they said "alright, well let's just go out to eat tonight and we can talk about your girl problems." it ended with me yelling at them.

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Lee said...

as I recall, your snot really DID look like vomit... and that wasn't a dream. Sorry, Josh.