Friday, February 6, 2009

so in this dream i am driving to atlanta and ben is about to leave town. so i call him and ask what he's doing. i was going to invite him to go eat sushi. he said he was having coffee in atlanta and getting an old fashioned shave. so i call alea to go out for sushi w/me (though, there isn't much of it she can really eat). so i miss the place we were supposed to meet at, she calls me and cancels, and so i keep driving to go to another sushi place down the street.

when i walk in, i hear "fuck you.......just kidding, hey josh." i turn and see quilly smiling at me and with her is lacey, daniel bass, amanda, and someone who is supposed to be lacey's sister. lacey does not look at me, she is looking down, writing something. it looks more like a school cafeteria than a sushi restaurant. and there is a teacher announcing who gets what parts in the school play. lacey's sister got the lead role and in the dream i thought "she's going to be upset about that" because in the dream, lacey was always living in the shadow of her older sister. i go outside and smoke and there's a nice basset hound outside. i play with the dog. amanda comes out and she's wearing flannel and torn jeans and looks like she's from 1994. she talks to the person who owns the bassett hound and then kisses them. i go back inside.

lacey is still writing and not speaking to me. for some reason, in this dream, i do not have the social grace to remove myself from this awkward situation. then lacey says "here" and hands me the letter she's been writing on 3x5 index cards. i did not read it in the dream...but i remember feeling grateful, because she almost never hand wrote me letters. she was sitting down and i hugged her and she recoiled with exasperation, let out a deep sigh, and said "no" as if i was an idiot. after that, i didn't want to read the letter, knowing that whatever was in it would probably break my heart more than my failed hug.

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